There is a growing tendency to medicate high blood pressure with medications such as statins and more than that, to use these drugs as a preventative measure even before there is a problem! However, there are many lifestyle choices you can make which will positively impact hypertension and so, given the range of significant side-effects […]

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We are the masters of our own destiny

Is this just a nice bundle of words? Could this be true? Is life really a self-fulfilling prophecy, and all we have to do is become the master of our own prophecy? In truth, life is a marriage between free will and destiny, so why leave ‘it’ up to fate to decide the course your […]

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CoQ10 – taking it seriously

CoQ10 is an amazing health-maintaining substance. Though the science has focused on its ability to keep your heart healthy, it does much more besides. It is a vitamin-like substance that your body makes naturally. It rescues distressed cells and DNA, in your organs, bones, skin, hair and eyes… It rejuvenates lungs, liver and heart and […]

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The incredible power of thought

Whatever you think, you are right. If you think about yourself in a negative way – you consider yourself stupid, gullible or clumsy, just ‘not good enough’ in some way, then you will behave ‘as if’ this were the truth. You will eventually become what you think about yourself. So doesn’t it make sense to […]

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