CoQ10 is an amazing health-maintaining substance. Though the science has focused on its ability to keep your heart healthy, it does much more besides. It is a vitamin-like substance that your body makes naturally.

It rescues distressed cells and DNA, in your organs, bones, skin, hair and eyes…
It rejuvenates lungs, liver and heart and it revs up every muscle in your body.

The opposite is true if you don’t have enough.

Not only is it one of the most powerful anti-oxidant (rust proofers) known to science, it performs a second vital role. It’s the biological spark of life itself.

Because your cells are made of atoms you literally run on atomic energy.

And each one of your 60-100 trillion cells is packed with tiny atomic reactors called mitochondria.

This is where CoQ10 takes its rightful throne.

First it’s the spark that starts your reactors, then it’s the ‘refuse collector’ which hauls away the oxidised free radical waste, left over from the reaction.

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