There is a growing tendency to medicate high blood pressure with medications such as statins and more than that, to use these drugs as a preventative measure even before there is a problem!

However, there are many lifestyle choices you can make which will positively impact hypertension and so, given the range of significant side-effects of statins and similar medications, wouldn’t it be worth trying a natural approach first – at least in conjunction with your doctor’s advice.

Firstly, drink enough water. 2 litres per day is a baseline minimum and you should be drinking this amount every single day, for the rest of your life. This will increase the volume of fluid in your vascular system, opening up the small capiliaries and thus reducing the pressure rising in your arteries and veins.

It will also encourage those nutrients such as good fats, to work their magic and help you deal better with the build up of plaque, break it down and eliminate it rather than it sticking to the walls of your blood vessels, causing hypertension and threatening stroke and heart attack.

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