Connect Coaching and The Story Of Health

Through my own personal development work undertaken with The Reach Approach, I have been introduced to the Story Of Health, which is a concept based on Reach’s comprehensive research and client experience over the last twenty five years.

My interest in the simplicity and clarity of this model, led me to embark on the Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching offered by Reach and accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists.

I have chosen to integrate the Story of Health into my coaching technique and practice, where I will be able to offer my clients a more three dimensional perspective of their issues and more choice on how to reconcile and resolve problems, by facilitating a clear understanding of factors which impact on their well being. I am able to offer a tailor made package of resources to support my clients in living a more positive and healthier life.

The Story of Health suggests that there are four key aspects of our lives – mind, body, spirit and environment, all equally important and all crucial to our well being.  When all their needs are met, health, stability, peace and happiness rule, enabling us to meet our day to day challenges. If any one of these key areas become deficient for whatever reason, the deficiency will be reflected, in some way, in our emotional, psychological and physical well being. To neglect one, is to neglect the whole.

The Reach Approach in a nutshell


The Spirit needs

  • A sense of one’s own value and worth
  • A life of meaning and purpose
  • Being true to yourself and honouring your own beliefs
  • Happiness through compassion and gratitude

The Mind needs

  • Still time, focus and mindfulness to achieve your goals
  • Self forgiveness
  • The pleasure principle – to allow yourself to achieve joy and fulfilment
  • Self talk – to change negative thought patterns

The Environment needs

  • Creating physical sanctuary
  • Healthy, meaningful relationships
  • Work, vocation – creating the right conditions
  • The art of living at ease in your head
  • A social conscience

The Body needs

  • Hydration – ensuring you are sufficiently hydrated to function well both physically and mentally
  • Sleep – deep restorative sleep to allow you to live your life well and in good health
  • A balanced diet and nutrition – everyone’s needs differ, it is important to find what your body requires
  • Exercise and pampering therapies – both are excellent restoratives and help to keep you fit and active

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”


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