Is this just a nice bundle of words? Could this be true? Is life really a self-fulfilling prophecy, and all we have to do is become the master of our own prophecy?

In truth, life is a marriage between free will and destiny, so why leave ‘it’ up to fate to decide the course your life will take. Exercise your free will wherever you can and if, despite your best efforts, things don’t work out the way you would have hoped, then we can say that destiny stepped in and at that point the art of acceptance is then needed.

Don’t make the mistake of not wishing for and preparing for the best outcome in case you are disappointed. It is such a common approach and yet this ‘glass half empty’ take on life, actually invites the less positive outcome. And maybe then your disappointment won’t take you by surprise, but you deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy the best outcome.

Try to expect the best and do what’s necessary to support that expectation. At the same time, have the faith that whatever happens, you will be okay… and see what unfolds before you.

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